I am so thankful that you are considering adoption, and may be thinking of me as a possible adoptive parent. Though I cannot begin to know all that you may be going through, I truly appreciate the tremendous love and courage it takes for you to consider traveling down the road of adoption. I hope that sharing with you how excited I am to provide a safe, loving, and supportive home for your child will help as you come to your decision. I would be honored to be a part of this incredibly personal decision and I am so excited about the prospect of welcoming a child into my family.

I grew up in a suburban neighborhood and graduated college with an MS in Elementary Education. I have worked with first graders for the past 14 years and have taught Pre-K through third grade, as well. I do believe that I have a nurturing spirit, and my nieces and nephew, as well as the children whom I teach, are like my own children. I am organized, very structured and like routine.

I live my life in an open, honest and loving way. I believe in God and go to church every week. There are parks, libraries and beaches close to my home and I love the warm weather and enjoy going for walks. I spend the summers with family and friends relaxing and barbecuing. I have four siblings and we are a very close-knit family- seeing each other often. As a child, I remember getting together with cousins and playing endless games of kickball, wiffle ball, and tag. I remember barbecues, swimming, and running races. I could not ask for happier memories, and I want to help build those kinds of memories with a child of my own.

I am in awe of your compassion and courage. Thank you for considering the gift of adoption. It is the ultimate act of profound love and selflessness. I promise the baby I raise will be loved, protected and celebrated. He/she will be surrounded by family and friends who will love him or her unconditionally. Whatever you decide, I wish you only the best.

Ben and Eva

Dear Birthmother,

We are Ben and Eva, and we have been very happily married for over 10 years. We have an adopted son, and we are excited to add to our family. Ben is a computer engineer and Eva is a veterinarian. We would like to share with your child the type of loving and fortunate life that we grew up with. We have strong family values, and love spending time with family and extended family. We enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures.

We would like to give your child a caring, happy and supportive home. We own a nice cozy home with a fenced in big yard. We also have two dogs, and can’t wait to expand our family! We live in a safe and friendly neighborhood with a great school district.

We want to give your child a life filled with endless love, joy, and laughter. We look forward to providing him or her with all the opportunities in life, a solid education, and financial security. We hope that whatever your decision is, you will find peace and strength in your life!

Eva and Ben

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Jean Pierre and Larry

Dear Birth Mother (or Parents),

We understand that deciding to offer your baby a better life with a family that is more ready to accept him or her is the most difficult decision you will ever make. If you decide adoption is the best choice for your baby and choose us as the adoptive parents, we would like to share what we envision for our child.

We promise a stable and loving home. We (Larry and JP) have been together over 12 years and have built a comfortable and rewarding life together. Larry is a criminal court judge focused on domestic violence and child abuse cases. He has spent his career protecting children and families. JP is a stylist for a luxury fashion retailer. JP risked everything, including his life, to come from Cuba to the US where he learned English and earned his college degree. Our relationship is based on love, mutual respect, common interests, and humor. We have strong support from our families and many close friends. We are not rich, but we are able to afford all the things a child truly needs without becoming spoiled.

We promise that education comes first. We believe strongly in the value of education and will help our child reach his or her full potential. The local public and private schools are very strong academically. We will support our child to explore his or her passions in the arts, music, sports, or sciences. But we also believe that education goes beyond the classroom. We want to raise our child in a bilingual home (both of us speak Spanish and English). Our friends and neighborhood are very diverse, including people from around the world with many different experiences and outlooks. We love to travel and would take our child to see and experience as much of the world as we are able. We also want our child to be street smart as well as book smart. We want our child to see all that the world has to offer and to provide him or her with the tools to go as far as his or her talents and drive allow.

We promise a healthy and joyful life. Both of us value a healthy lifestyle where we exercise daily and eat healthy. We will provide fun activities that will help our child become physically, mentally, and emotionally strong. We believe that laughter and fun are critical elements of childhood. Although we want our child to learn how to overcome challenges, we also do not want him or her to worry unnecessarily about life. We will keep our child safe and teach him or her how to take care of himself or herself.

Finally, we will treasure our child and will make him or her the focus of our lives. Allowing us to raise your baby as our own would be a tremendous responsibility that we would never take lightly. We would strive every day to be worthy of the trust that you place in us.

Thank you for considering us.