Training Topics
If you attended a FAMILY FOCUS training or workshop, or if you are interested in any of these topics, click on the title of the 'handout' below to download or print the materials. If you don't see something you need, please contact us and we will do our best to provide it, or direct you to where you can find it.
Training Handouts
Family Focus Training Topics and Handouts
Below is a list of our most requested training topics around the country. Many of these can be incorporated into a full or partial day, and adapted to specific audiences followed by the handouts and materials that are given out or referred to in those trainings. Below that are links to download (at no charge) the handouts and materials we use at our trainings.
Inducement: Understanding Your Child's Acting-out Behavior (2-3 hours) Our most popular session, offered at many NY county DSS offices

Straight Talk for Kids: Tackling the Tough Topics (3 hours) A worker/family guide to discussion about foster care/adoption with children

Adoption in the World of Foster Care; Preparing Good Foster Parents to be Good Adoptive Parents (2-3 hours)

There is No Such Thing as an Ex-Mother: A Specialized Dynamic of Foster Care and Adoption (2 hours)

In-House Transition: A Model for Successful Long Distance Placements (2 hours)

Successful Adoption of the Adolescent (2-3 hours)

Empowered Transition: Theory, Practice, and Models of Moving Children into Adoption (3 hours)

Creating an Adoption Milestone: Adoption Ceremonies and Adoption Covenants (3 hours)

Managing Stress: Reaching The End Of The Day, But Not The End Of Your Rope (2 hours)

The Invisible Realities of Successful Adoption (6 hours)

Strong Caseworkers for Strong Adoptive Families (3 hours) A skill strengthening 'tool kit' for caseworkers

Consumer Mentality and Adoption: Families 'Shopping' for a Child (2 hours)

Dealing with the Issue of 'Wavering' Foster Parents (2 hours)